Pet Portraits & Commissions

Below is a Gallery of some commissioned Pet Portraits & Other Commissions

Pet Portraits are created in acrylic and oil in the size canvas of your choice. 

I offer custom commissions of subjects such as Dogs, Cats, Horses, Reptiles, Wildlife, Nature, etc.

Pricing Guide:

Size One Subject Two Subjects Three Subjects
8" x 10"
Size One Subject Two Subjects Three Subjects
11" x 14"
Size One Subject Two Subjects Three Subjects
14" x 18"
Size One Subject Two Subjects Three Subjects
16" x 20"
Size One Subject Two Subjects Three Subjects
20" x 24"

Other sizes than above, additional subjects, and landscape or other backgrounds can be created, with your request. They would be calculated on an individual basis, dependent on the complexity of the work.

Paintings are done on a stretched canvas, unframed, and the background is continued on the sides, and are ready to hang. A frame can be ordered with your request at an additional price.

How Does it work?


Artwork is hand painted on a gradient background with your choice of colours. 

I require a 30% deposit with your order. Deposits can be paid through paypal, etransfer, etc

A digital copy of the completed artwork will be emailed to you for your approval once finished.

The balance of the purchase would to be paid when the painting is completed and you are satisfied with the finished artwork.

The time to complete the artwork will vary depending on how many subjects and the background chosen. From 5 to 6 weeks is average, depending on the complexity of the artwork. If ordering for Christmas, this time may increase.

I will send you progress report emails during the process.

Photo references Tips

If you are taking photos of your pet to have it’s portrait painted, it is said that the better the photo, the better the finished painting. Try taking the best photo you can with these tips.

  1. Take a few photos from different positions (side, front, etc). This helps get a better visual of the subject.
  2. Photos taken at eye level are best as they provide a better composition and a more flattering painting.
  3. If you are requesting more than one pet in the portrait, but can’t get a photo of all the subjects together, no need to worry. I can work with different photos of each subject and combine them in one painting with the same background.
  4. Dark subjects should be photographed with a lighter backdrop and in a well lit area for light. This will provide a better quality photo to see all the details for your pet.
  5. If it is a headshot you are requesting, try to not only get the head and shoulders, but also a photo close up of the eyes. The eyes are the window to the soul 🙂
  6. If you are unable to take photos of your pet because they are sadly no longer with you, sending what you have or other people have of your pet, with multiple photos, will help me piece together the likeness from those images.
If you have any concerns or questions on the process of ordering a Pet Portrait, or you need to talk about your artwork, feel free to contact me to discuss what you had in mind, and together we will come up with a plan 🙂 
If you are ready to commission an art piece, please contact me below with your request:
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