About Me

“I have a passion for creating and a natural love and admiration for wildlife which reflects in my wildlife paintings.

I also have a love for modern abstract, with colours and shapes and styles coming together to create a piece of art that will be statement pieces for your walls. My inspiration comes from nature around me. It’s not always about what I see that motivates me, but how I feel about what I see.

I have a natural love and admiration for wildlife. I usually am out trying to find different animals to photograph in their natural habitat. I just love watching their behaviour and expressions and how they interact with others of their kind or other species. I get my inspiration from observing them.

When painting the wildlife, I usually start with the eyes. They are the window to the soul and my journey to creating the art piece begins there.

I grew up and live in New Brunswick, Canada. I’ve been drawing and painting since I was a young child. My father always said I must have been born with a silver brush in my hand.

My biggest influence in the art world growing up was Robert Bateman. His creations are stunning and lifelike and have such emotion to them. My other influence was Bob Ross. I was amazed at how a painting would come together in just a half an hour. So with those 2 mentors, I developed my own style of art, and now with some abstract and contemporary mixed in.

Recently I have started on this journey of abstracts and contemporary work. I sometimes get my inspiration from my photographs and sometimes something as simple as a colour or shape or scene I saw. Or the combination of the two. I usually let the brush take my mind where it wants to go when creating and let my heart and emotion take over.

I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork and your visit to my site. Feel free to visit anytime and drop me a message. Would love to hear your thoughts about my artwork.