A Little About Me


My name is Beverley Lu

I am an artist, mother, partner, art teacher, Netflix binge watcher,

and have a passion for animals and anything nature.

I live in the beautiful province of New Brunswick, Canada. I have been painting since I was a teen.

I began teaching art a few years later when people approached me, asking about painting classes. After a year or so of thinking about it, I decided to give it a go and my art classes began. I have been teaching painting for over 30 years now.

My inspirations for my artwork come from the nature around me. I let the brush take my mind where it wants to go, which ends up with my heart and emotion taking over. It’s not always about what I see that motivates me, but how I feel about what I see.

With animals, I usually start with the eyes as they are the window to the soul, and that will set the stage for the rest of the artwork 🙂

My biggest influence in the art world growing up was Robert Bateman. His creations are stunning and lifelike and have such emotion to them. My other influence was Bob Ross. I was amazed at how a painting would come together in just a half an hour. With those 2 mentors, I have developed my own style of art. 

​I am also a wildlife/nature photographer.

Some of my inspiration comes from my photographs, and some come from something as simple as a colour or shape or a scene I saw on a road trip, or most likely, the combination thereof. This will spark the creative process and a new painting will evolve.

I hope you enjoy viewing the artwork and your visit to my site. Feel free to visit anytime and drop me a message. Would love to hear your thoughts about my artwork. Contact me and we can discuss creating a piece of art that will be statement piece for your walls.

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